What's a Session Like

Starting Something New

“New,” can be intimidating and confusing. So what’s it like working together? Of course there’s no “right” or “perfect approach” that fits everyone. For this reason, each session’s tailored to your specific goals and expectations.

My work contains discussion, movement experiments, awareness and other somatic and mindfulness exercises. It’s different than most talk therapy sessions where you sit across from your therapist to, as the name implies, talk.

It’s an approach that works with adults as well as kids and teens who enjoy the games and movement experiments as a way of learning.

A sample session may include:

Identifying the Challenge.
Identifying your challenges and being on the same page is the first step.

Experience movement experiments
The somatic (body based) work I teach plays out in experiments, games and movements that are actually small-scale representations of life’s challenges. They offer safe ways to study difficulties without being in the exact situation that’s causing distress. Other experiments introduce you to lessons that can help you face down the road challenges or change existing habits or reactions that are no longer wanted.

Look at the results in body-based language
By first recognizing, in a body-based way, how you react to things, you’re taking the first steps in recognizing “physical handles” that can help you make the changes you would like to achieve.

Play and explore body-based alternatives
It’s impossible to just stop a feeling or body action, but it is possible to replace them with more effective, healthy and life affirming habits. By slowly working with and replacing smaller constrictive or destructive body-based habits we can work up to the larger changes you would like to make. One of my goals is to give people concrete BodyMind approaches to help them calmly respond instead of blindly reacting to the challenges they may face throughout their lives.

Naturally, when learning, everything can’t just happen quickly in a single session. There are no magic pills.  As with anything there’s work, but I try to make the work as pleasant, safe and fun as possible. The previous rundown is an illustration of how a session may go and is meant to put your mind at ease until you can experience my work firsthand.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”
-“J.P.” Morgan

Our Safety Contract

My work does include some touch. I do realize this is something some people are not always comfortable with. For this reason I have an explicit safety contract that is always in place and you are always the one that determines what touching is acceptable.

The contract states: You are in charge. If you wish to stop an exercise at any time, we will. If you wish to slow down, then we will. If you do not wish to do an exercise, we will not do that exercise. There are never explanations needed.

Simply tell me or your partner if you’re working in a group or partner class that you’d like to stop, or that you’re uncomfortable and we’ll change what we’re doing.

This is an important part of our work together. Without a trusting, safe environment, it’s impossible to work towards any goals you may set. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, I’m always happy to talk.

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