This is Me

I’m amazed by what's possible when body and mind are one. To me, pure joy!

For 35 years I’ve studied these moments, through the many personal, athletic and professional pursuits I’ve enjoyed, including embodiment, mindfulness, gratitude, Aikido (a non-violent martial art) and many other experiential and academic studies of stress, anxiety, trauma and empowerment.

PSomatic Education and Embodied studies connected these paths, introducing me to an organized way of experiencing and teaching how the mind and body can work with, or against, each other in this fast changing, sometimes chaotic, wonderfully crazy thing called life.

Through the years, I’ve used these lessons to help myself, my family and those I teach, through the anxiety and pain brought by disease, circumstance and the everyday bumps we all face.

They continue playing a role in the many meaningful relationships I have with those who’ve helped me create the person I’ve become, a father, husband, caregiver, teacher and friend with an undying belief that we all have, should we choose to use them, abilities to help those around us grow.

Today, I continue helping individuals, couples and families through their own challenges. I currently serve as a facilitator with MenHealing, a group dedicated towards helping male identified survivors of sexual trauma. In addition to this work and the many other groups I serve I also serve on the Executive Board and as a Professional Member of ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association) as a Master Somatic Movement Educator & Master Somatic Movement Therapist.


You may have also seen or heard me live or via the internet during any of the different conferences or interviews I’ve been invited to present at concerning my work with stress, fear, anxiety or trauma.

I also continue to offer private classes for individuals and with organizations like Cancer Wellness Centers while working with friends and other groups creating courses and larger workshops than we could accomplish alone. As the song goes, “We get by with a little help from our friends, Oooo.”

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