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Your unique service.

As members of communities that serve, protect, rescue and heal, you’re faced with circumstances rarely seen by others. These events can affect you both personally and professionally.

Each situation has its own challenges. Without a full set of tools to mentally and physically deal with these conditions, job stress and anxiety can lead to burnout or trauma.

Tools for your kit.

To help, I’ve created and blended a series of tools and approaches that can be taught to individuals, small groups or larger organizations, teaching how to maintain a calm, open and ready to respond state. A state where you’re able to swiftly respond in an intelligent decisive fashion instead of blindly reacting.

In addition to the emotional side of the game tools and approaches are also covered to help work with the finite amount of energy we all have from day to day. These approaches are designed to help people use their bodies in efficient, powerful but relaxed fashions learning to conserve your much needed energy for the times you need it the most.

Our work together will help you swiftly and intelligently respond to an event instead of just blindly reacting.

Designed for you.

These lessons, tools and approaches are designed to add to the tools you can call upon throughout your career. Some of these moments include, leading up too, during an escalating event, and also in helping work with the effects that may linger long after an incident has occurred.

Every workshop is unique and designed to deal with the individual issues faced by each organization. These are not pre-boxed approaches. These are workshops created after speaking with the different levels of people serving throughout an organization to find out what they really need and the different issues they are facing.

In the end, each of these sessions, workshops and courses are designed to help you serve those in need more effectively by first caring, serving and protecting yourself.

Upcoming Courses

My work and the following course has been certified and recognized by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Board where I serve as a certified instructor in the areas of:

  • Officer Wellness and Mental Health
  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Treatment
  • Resources
  • Police Stress/Suicide
  • Causes
  • Officer Wellness
  • Intervention

My current course entitled Emotional Regulation: Somatic approaches for job & home can be found in the NEMRT (North East Multi-Regional Training) Catalog. NEMRT Website.

Current course dates:        9/30/2024Register Here.

Information about this course can be found at the a links above. It is designed to address the stress, anxiety and trauma encountered as members of the law enforcement and first responder community that affect officers, and the people they interact with professionally as well as personally in their relationships at home with family and friends.

I offer this course in its standard form or as a more customizable version that can be implemented for entire departments and tailored to their own unique direct needs.

To learn more click here to send me a message or give me a ring. I’m always happy to talk!

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