Educational Professionals & Schools

Working with the demands of the job.

Every year the demands and responsibilities placed on teachers and educational professionals grow.

With these demands come an increase in the stress and anxiety faced by the educators and support staff that is often passed along and felt by the students they serve. Throughout my career I’ve worked and volunteered in a variety of school settings, hearing and seeing how many of these changes have effected our schools.

Learning what we “do” in our bodies in times of stress opens a door to learning new tools and approaches to achieve an open, confident, empowered self.

Serving the Students & Educators

In order to bring my services into the schools to help not only those that serve our students, but also the students themselves, I’ve created and blended a series of somatic tools and approaches that can be taught on an individual, small group, school or district wide level.

My services include:

  • Acting as an independent referral resource where both students or staff can be directed for help beyond the traditionally available solutions.

  • Individual or group programs designed to help teachers, counselors, administrators and support staff not only with their own stress and anxiety, but to also teach them tools they can pass along to their students in times of need.

  • In or after school programs to help students who need a more tactile physical approach in learning to regulate and work with their emotions and feelings.

To learn more click here to send me a message or give me a ring. I’m always happy to talk!

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