Session Types, Locations and Rates

Session Types / Locations

Below are the ways I work with the people I’m honored to call my clients. Some people find and work with me privately, while others work with me in conjunction with their existing therapists, counselors or coaches. Feel free to reach out to discuss your individual needs. All are welcome! Click here to view a list of already planned events that may be of interest to you.

Types of Sessions & Topics

Individual, Couples & Significant Others
1:1 or 2:1 Private Sessions for individuals, couples or significant others.

Partner Practice
Sometimes two is just more fun, or at least more productive. Because of this I offer discounts for people coming in to learn together.

Small Groups
Small group sessions can be organized for personal or organizational settings. Small groups consist of 3-4 people.

Large Groups
Large group sessions are considered anything over 4 people.

School Visits
I’ve spent many hours working with kids in and outside of public and private school environments. If you’re interested in a classroom or assembly type visit contact me with your ideas.

Hospital or care facility sessions
The stress encountered by patients, their family and other caregivers, including the medical community, are tremendous. I understand that in long term or critical situations it’s sometimes impossible for those involved to leave the building. For this reason, on site sessions are a part of my practice. Please contact me with any questions.

Seminars, conferences, summits and such
Contact me with your ideas and details. Whether live or via the web I’m always up for a great gathering.


In Office
Convenient downtown Evanston, Illinois location.

Private in Home Sessions
Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, but you still need a hand. To help, I started select in home sessions. These sessions are time, location and need dependent. Additional travel time and expenses may be incurred.

Skype or Zoom Computer Sessions
Sometimes you just can’t make it in. For this reason I’ve added video conferencing services as an option to meet.

Out of Town and Abroad
I’ve traveled the globe working and interacting in many varied personal, corporate and institutional settings. I’m always up for a good adventure in or outside the States. Let me know you’re needs and we’ll talk.


Individual, Couples & Significant Others

In office 50 minute sessions. 1:1 or 2:1 or plus child

$150 /session

Need based sliding scale available.*

Partner Practice

In office 50 minute sessions with 2 people

$125 /per person per session

$250 total/per session
Need based sliding scale available.*

Small Groups

In Office 1 hour 30 minute sessions with 3-4 people

$115 /per person per session

$345-$460/per session
Need based sliding scale available.*

Large Groups
School Visits
Hospital or Care Facility Sessions

Please contact me to speak about specific situations. Prices and possible additional charges would depend on the specifics of the event.


Seminars, Conferences, Summits and Such

Please contact me to speak about specific situations. Prices and possible additional charges would depend on specifics of the event.


Skype or Zoom Computer Sessions

Computer conference calls will be billed at the normal cost of the particular session


* Above are my normal working rates. I do recognize that because of uncontrollable events these rates may be hard to pay. Because I do this work to help, I’m always willing to talk to people who would like to work together but may not be able to afford these rates. Please reach out if money is an issue.


See the Working Together Page for various possible locations.

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