March 28th – May 21st • Being In Movement Online Lab

How to Facilitate Whole-Person Embodiment
Hosted and Created by Maud Raber and Embodied Potential

An 8 week in-depth dive into the Being In Movement® MindBody Education method with its founder Paul Linden and 8 of his most seasoned practitioners worldwide. (Senior Faculty Member/Practitioner)

May 18 • Living Room Sessions

Stress and Empowerment for Parents
An intimate at home gathering of people interested in learning how Somatic and Mindfulness Education can be used in their everyday lives.

July 11th, 18th and 25th • Cancer Wellness

Empowerment, Healing and Moving Forward: A Somatic Embodied Approach
Cancer Wellness Center

Improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being by learning to use your body and mind together (BodyMind). By exploring the connection between your body, emotions and distress responses, you will gain the strength needed for the many paths of your cancer journey. You will learn BodyMind approaches including: gentle movement experiments, body awareness, breathing, meditation, embodiment, somatic education, mindfulness, and the principles of the non-violent art of aikido. Attendance at all sessions is recommended. Click Here for Info

August 9th – 11th • Advanced Weekend of Recovery

Calming the Conflicts Inside: Tools for Self Compassion and Healing
Created and organized by MenHealing

This Advanced Weekend of Recovery is designed to help male identified survivors of sexual assault develop a conscious and healing relationship with the difficult emotions of shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, anger among others. We utilize mindfulness skills, body awareness and empowerment, experiential activities, music, art, outdoor exploration, movement, play, and small-group processing to reach these goals.
(Facilitator MenHealing) Click Here for Info

Sept 16, 23, Oct 14, 21, 28, Nov 4, 11 • Cancer Wellness

Empowerment for Cancer: A Somatic Embodied Approach to Strengthening and Healing the Mind & Body • Cancer Wellness Center

People often accept that how we think, affects how we feel. But few consider how we feel and ‘do’ things, in our body, also affects our minds.

In this class you’ll learn to use your Body and Mind together in an open, caring, powerful way to improve your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Through experimentation and play we’ll explore the connections between your body, emotions and distress responses. You’ll learn BodyMind approaches which include gentle movement experiments, body awareness, breathing, meditation, embodiment, somatic education, mindfulness, and the principles of the non-violent art of aikido.

Click Here for Info

November 9th • St. Mary Church

Tools and Approaches for Stress, Fear & Anxiety

In this introductory workshop, Rich leads us into his work in Somatic (Body) Education, Mindfulness and the principles of the Art of Aikido, (a non-violent martial art) teaching us ways of working with our stress, fears and anxieties.

By working with the body and mind, in combination with your distress responses, you’ll learn ways of bringing the body into your personal caregiving toolbox that can be used throughout the noise, and excitement of your day.

We’ll explore tools and approaches that will help you achieve the “personal power” that’s needed when working with individual challenges. They’ll also serve as ways to achieve the calm, open, caring power necessary to live out an empowered giving life for yourself and those around you.

Rich teaches these same approaches, tools and skills to teens having problems at school or home, people dealing with the strain of a cancer diagnosis, work related stress, or sexual abuse. Some of the organizations he  serves  include MenHealing, Youth-Guidance/BAM and the Cancer Wellness Center. Rich is also a parishioner at St. Nics and has volunteered with many Evanston organizations so you may already know him!

If you’ve ever been affected by the stress, fears and anxiety life brings, come join us! Together, we’ll explore and learn in a fun, safe environment. There are no strenuous exercises, only gentle movement experiments and play.

For more information contact Deacon Ramon Navarro at


See the Working Together Page for various possible locations.

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