Individual, Couples & Small Group Sessions

Individualized solutions for Stress, Fear, Anxiety and Trauma

No two people are exactly alike. Neither are the solutions to their challenges.

Whether we’re working one on one or you’re coming in with a loved one, each of your lessons is tailored to your individual needs.

My goal is to help you attain the power of choice, and the courage to follow through with your desires and needs.

Real World Solutions

Sometimes it seems easier to be calm while you’re hidden away in a safe place, but the world isn’t always peaceful and quiet.

Everything we work and experiment with is aimed at empowering you to handle the stress and anxiety in the mess and loudness of the outside world.

Achieving your final goals.

My goal is to introduce and teach you ways of achieving a calm, open, empowered state, able to stand alone or lend a hand, with the power of choice, and the courage to follow through with your wants, desires and needs.

For some this is easy, for others it seems impossible, but through our work, new tools and approaches are taught and learned to help attain your goals.

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