Listening to Your Body

Body and Mind are One

I teach with a BodyMind approach. Through this, you’ll learn that not only does your mind affect your body but your body also affects your mind.

Often the body is thought of as the mind’s taxi. It’s great for shuttling us around and accomplishing tasks but it doesn’t have much to say or teach. Even today, many Mind Body practices still treat the two as distinct and separate entities. The Mind and The Body.

In reality, we’re at our best when we understand and operate as one system, a “mindbody,” with mind and body so intertwined they’re one. It works better because although it is convinient and a traditional western approach to view our minds and bodies as separate entities the reality is that they are one unified entity. That entity is you!

Viewing ourselves in this way gives us powerful tools for the betterment of ourselves as well as the people and world around us. One being, one person, one complete you!

For fun, and to drive the point home, I twist the phrase mindbody into BodyMind. This is meant to take us away from our “normal” thinking of our mind driving and our body simply following.

From a BodyMind stance, sometimes the mind’s driving and sometimes the body’s taking its turn creating a constant feedback loop of information we can use to maintain a fuller more balanced, empowered self.

“Through this BodyMind approach you’ll learn “physical handles” to help observe, work with and even change emotional grips and the ways you interact with the world.”

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