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I’m a Somatic Educator and Martial Artist who’s continually amazed at what can be achieved when the body and mind work as one. Distractions fade, it’s just you, your goal, and the understanding there’s no way of stopping this from happening. To me, pure joy!

It’s a fascination that started 35 years ago while learning Biofeedback, a non-drug method where you control “involuntary” body processes such as heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure to achieve a specific goal. Mind and body working together. Gaining control over the normally uncontrollable! I was hooked!

My lifelong study of mind/body connections continued through my meditative, martial arts and academic pursuits. Competitive athletics and my first profession as a television/film Producer and Assistant Director proved an excellent testing ground to personally experience how mind and body can work with, or certainly against, each other in fast changing, often chaotic situations of physical and mental stress.

Later, with my loving wife Romy, we began our family and these mind/body approaches were brought deeply into our lives, especially during the trying moments we’ve faced.

They continue playing a role in the many meaningful relationships I have with those who’ve helped me create the person I’ve become, a father, husband, caregiver, teacher and friend with an undying belief that we all have, should we choose to use them, abilities to help those around us grow.

Today, I continue helping individuals work through their own challenges, serve as a facilitator with Men Healing, a group dedicated towards helping male survivors of sexual trauma, and co-founded Big Breath Studios with my friend Anne McGinley. A company where we create courses and workshops with a larger reach then each of us could accomplish alone. As the song goes, “We get by with a little help from our friends, Oooo.”


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