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The longer I teach the more I’m thrilled with the excitement people bring to the work we do together. In an effort to continually share my tools and approaches, I’ve created this page to give you a taste or reminder of some of the work we’ve done together or that you’ve heard about.

This is a new page so please check back for new videos, thoughts and ideas.

In the times between we have the pleasure of being together I hope your lives are more full, open, relaxed and filled with power and love.

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Exploring Centering and Grounding

During the video below we’ll explore some exercises I use to help people work with Centering and Grounding while dealing with their stress, fear, anxiety and trauma. After the exercises you’ll see how these approaches can be used in real world situations.

Somatic Empowerment: Tools and approaches for stress, fear, anxiety, and trauma.

Join me as I explore the somatic and mindfulness approaches I’ve coupled with people’s distress responses while working with their stress, fear, anxiety and trauma. This was a great session I taught during the Somatic Movement Summit showing how I teach people to use their Body and Mind together, in a “whole body” approach to working with their emotions.

This interview is part of the Somatic Movement Summit, a free online event where you can discover fluid motion as medicine for your body and mind. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.


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