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Our emotional and physical wellbeing are intricately connected! This connection exists on and off the mat, affecting how we carry out our expressions of aikido as well as our relationships with others, including our families and friends.

Together we’ll dive into ways of bringing a BodyMind somatic connection into your life with concrete physical approaches. Approaches that can be carried into your practice of aikido as well as your practice of living. The seminar is designed to engage beginners to life long practitioners by teaching tools, knowledge and skills that can be used personally and professionally, helping you wisely respond and live your life, instead of blindly reacting to the events, people and problems life brings your way.

Through experimentation, play and micro-scenarios we’ll enjoy a unique aikido experience while exploring the BodyMind connection, how it shows up in your aikido and through the emotions and feelings you experience in your rapidly shifting world. Feelings and emotions that can enrich a day or hijack time and energy, controlling your every move.

We’ll investigate how you can enhance your aikido through a BodyMind approach, blending body and mind to create and explore the art we love! Some approaches we’ll play with include: body awareness, breathing, meditation, movement experiments, embodiment, the principles and movements of aikido, mindfulness, as well as the many somatic movement & education skills Rich uses professionally when helping people face the stress, fear, anxiety, pain and trauma life has placed in their paths.

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